Barber’s Cheddar

The Barber family have been farming and making cheese at Maryland Farm in Ditcheat, Somerset since 1833. In the early days, milk from the farm was sold locally and the cheese made was used to feed the family and farm workers.As time went on, the milk needed to make cheese increased and soon the family were buying milk from neighbouring farms as well.

Today the Barber farms comprise 2500 acres of prime Somerset dairy land and are home to some 2,000 dairy cows. We continue to use traditional ‘cheddaring’ techniques combined with a unique collection of traditional starter cultures for which we are sole guardians, to create a truly typical West Country Farmhouse cheddar.

Managing our own herds also allows us to understand the needs of other farmers and the dairy industry as a whole. Agriculture, and in particular dairy farming, are a significantpart of the local economy and we want to make sure that this remains so for future generations.

AJ & RG Barber is run by cousins Anthony, Chris, Charlie and Giles Barber, the sixth generation of the Barber family, and many other family members are still involved.

The team at has been working in the moving image sector for the past 12 years across a variety of broadcast and online productions ranging from documentaries to branded content.

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